Moving In

Mix and Match

My husband has an eye for great design, and so I’ve learned to just let him make all the decisions. How can I not with a face (and hair) like that?


This weekend, we walked our neighborhood looking for an old antique mirror. We have an eclectic interior design vibe going on because who wants to be perfect and matchy-matchy? Not us, those perfect people are annoying.


Pittsburgh Furniture on Butler Street (under Arsenal Lanes) was our second stop, and we found a mirror right away.


I also wanted to buy those sexy man lamps, but Mark said no. 🙁

The mirror is about 60 pounds. The gold brocade is so beautiful and it’s just the kind of ornate piece we were looking for.


The plan is put it on the second brick fireplace closest to the kitchen. First, we have to figure out how to securely hang it so it doesn’t fall down. No broken mirrors in our place…don’t want that bad juju!

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