I discovered something new this week. I found out that my sister is one TOUGH Mama Bear.


We all were soooo excited when Kelly went into labor and got her room at Magee Hospital.

Things were good for the first few hours, but then it got DIFFICULT.

For 36 HOURS, my sister battled ridiculous contractions. We took turns being with her in her room and sleeping in the hallway.


The doctor finally said Kelly needed a C-section and so she went back into the OR with Kevin by her side.


At 10:07 on Tuesday morning, Lillian Jane joined our family.


Lily is perfect. She’s the best eater (and pooper) on the floor and has the most beautiful little face I’ve ever seen…look how sassy she is!


Everyone is in love with her! And she already made her TV debut! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

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11 thoughts on “Absolute PERFECTION!

  1. Lorraine Benninghoff says:

    Thanks so much for putting Lilypad’s birth announcement on your blog. Now I can watch it over and over again. Babygirl looks as beautiful as her mom.

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