Family, Moving In

Babies, blinds and beer

My niece, Lily, has quite the life.


She eats, sleeps and gets her aunt and grandparents to lay on the floor and applaud every time she blinks.


I want to put her in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Amazing Baby Ever.”

Even though I could hang out with Lilypad all the time, we needed to work on the house. Mark finished sanding and put the final coat of polyeutherane on our stair treads.


He bolted them in and they are BEAUTIFUL.


We take turns walking up and down them…Vanna White style making sure to showcase every step.


There’s a slight complication with the railing. It’s metal with mesh wiring along the sides. The specifications don’t EXACTLY fit, so Mark will need to weld an “L” bracket to secure the top of the railing to the wall.


I’m sure that will take us another 5 years.

Our espresso wood blinds came in, so we put up the window trim and secured them in place. (We know we’re missing the trim on the right side…miscalculation!)


And we can’t go one weekend in Lawrenceville without exploring. Saturday night was spent at the famous Nied’s Hotel with Miller Lites and live country bands.


On Sunday, we gave thanks with more libations at the Roundabout Brewery on 49th and Butler. Our favorite was the Pacific Ring IPA!


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