Moving In

It smells like a barn.

I am not a farmer, but you’d think I’m raising sheep if you came over.

Yep, we’ve got a “barn-like” quality to our living room.


We ordered a new wool shag rug for our front room because we decided to use the current rug in our dining room. (I say “room” but who are we kidding in a rowhouse…it’s our dining “space.”)

The rug has been all wrapped up and sitting in a West Elm warehouse for months. The customer service lady told me it just needs to air out.


I hope it airs out before next weekend because I’m having company over and I don’t want our guests to think I’m going to serve them hay.

We’re also working like mad men to get our dining room completed before next weekend!


Our 3 glass jar chandelier is coming together…can’t wait until it’s up and finished!

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