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Mark only electrocuted himself twice!

You know Pittsburghers love a good fireworks show, and we had a small one at our house. 🙂


We ordered a three glass jar chandelier from West Elm, and it arrived in separate pieces so we had to put it together.


It’s a very cool and industrial looking light…the three jars hang from mesh cords and you use Edison light bulbs inside.

We put the chandelier together pretty quickly.


The FUN part came when Mark connected all the wires and tried to turn it on with the light switch.


Whoa baby…sparks were flying!!!

(It probably wasn’t a good idea that we had been drinking some delicious beer from Roundabout Brewery all afternoon.)

After two big shocks, Mark got it working.


We were so proud that we just sat there and looked at it for the rest of the night!

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