Moving In

Guess who came to visit?!

This was Lilypad’s reaction when she saw her first hipster in Lawrenceville.


She was not as impressed with our neighborhood or that we keep our bikes in the dining room, but it doesn’t matter because I love her so much and she is so cute!

Mama Kelly, aka Supermodel Kelly, brought Lily out for her first girls night.


It was the first time we actually had a decent group of people in the house. When Lily went home to sleep, our husbands & boyfriends & manfriends joined us.


They promised me they wouldn’t judge us because the house isn’t finished. I told them to wait until they got home and then talk about the house behind our backs. 🙂


We walked down to Smoke Taqueria for a late night dinner. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it…they have delicious tacos and an appetizer called “bowl of cheese.” I could eat that cheese all day.


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2 thoughts on “Guess who came to visit?!

  1. Kristen Mulvihill says:

    Courtney ur niece Lily is absolutely beautiful!!! Isn’t it a great feeling to be such a proud Aunt?! Congrats 😘 And ur other baby, ur house, is also beautiful….just stunning!! Not to mention, new house & niece totally agree w/u…looking even more gorgeous than usual. So nice to see a wonderful person like u, who does & gives so much to us “yinzers”, so happy 💕

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