Moving In

Just like magic!

Some days, it’s easy to forget how long we’ve had the house and how long we’ve been working on it.

It seems like we just snapped our fingers and POOF! all of this happened.


Remember when we first bought the place and there were walls everywhere and a staircase right in the middle???

That teeny tiny compartmentalized downstairs now looks like this. Drum roll for the comparison shot…


And what about that super weird hallway upstairs with a bathrooom that had carpet in it?!

We demo’ed the entire thing and built a laundry room and new bathroom with a pocket door!


Then there was our bedroom with plaster, dark floors and the weirdest closet that didn’t even fit 2 hangers.

We exposed the brick, put in pine floors and got a BIG Ikea closet.


You know what hasn’t changed? Our kitchen.

I think it’s time for a brand new design…I’ve got a hankering to tear stuff apart and bust through some walls!

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