Moving In

It’s like hosing off a pig.

Or it’s what I imagine hosing off a pig would be like.

We took our old and dirty work table from the basement…


And hauled it out onto our teeny tiny back porch. (I know you’re jealous of our miniature Keystone Light grill)


Mark sawed off the legs to make them even.


Then we hosed it off. (I know water isn’t the best for wood, but it needed a MAJOR cleaning.)


Once we put it behind the couch, we realized that it’s bigger than we thought. It’s taller and wider and not as sleek as I imagined.


It’s also wayyyyy more rustic than we thought.


A bit too rustic, I’m afraid.


We’re going to trim the ends and shorten it a bit more and see if it fits better in the space. I’d like to fix it, we had such high hopes for this piece!

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8 thoughts on “It’s like hosing off a pig.

  1. Jill Henkel says:

    I like it, but agree that it needs a bit more tlc than you had originally planned. I’d do more reconstruction on it, perhaps a disassemble, trim, and then reassemble. It’s rustic, sure, but it warms up the space a bit. I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. 🙂

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  2. Emily says:

    I agree that it looks too rustic. Hopefully,you’ll be able to replace boards and sand it down enough that you can stain it and have it look snazzy and more complimentary to the room. If not… you can always scrap that idea and build something like this.

    The bonus, you can get extra seating without taking up anymore space. I have it pinned for our house b/c after we’re done renovating our kitchen, we’re renovating the family room.

    I’m not planning to frame mine out with metal legs like this, I’m going to use wood for the sides as well. I took wood shop in high school, not metal shop, so I’m a lot more comfortable with that plan, but I love the idea of extra seating.

    • I absolutely LOVE that!! Thanks for sending. I’m going to show the picture to my husband. We were going to put 2 chairs behind the table but if we replace the top with those boards, we could add extra seats and really use it! Thanks again!

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