Moving In

Assume The Position!

You know it’s about to go down when my husband looks like this.


Mark spends half of our renovation time just looking at the project.

(He swears he’s thinking about what he needs to do, but I think most of the time he’s thinking about hot dogs.)

We needed to finish replacing our old windows.


We bought black windows for the front of the house because they are chic and fabulous.

I went out for a run and came back to this.


I kept thinking, “What if a bird flies in?!”

Dive-bombing birds aside, Mark and I put the new window in and I held onto the strap for dear life in case it fell through.


It didn’t fall through, but it was only 99% level.

And in the world of Mark the Perfectionist, 99% is not good enough.


That means we have to take out the ENTIRE frame and build a new one.

Oh, joy.

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