We don’t have proper resort wear

Turns out our DIY home renovation lifestyle does not exactly transfer over into the fancy schmancy world of resort living.


The first guests in our room at the Bedford Springs Resort wore big hats that probably wouldn’t even fit in our rowhouse.

And when we drank champagne at The Tavern, I basically felt like I was on the Titanic and was waiting for Celine Dion to sing “My Heart Will Go On.”


The sweet town of Bedford was a culinary delight. And you know you’re on vacation when you actually sit down to a full breakfast.


We found this perfect farmer’s cupboard at an art gallery called Locality. We’re going to take the measurements and see if it will fit between our first floor fireplaces. (We might take the ducks too.)


The whole point of the trip was to take a break from renovating and celebrate our wedding anniversary.


Making it to 3 years calls for something more than wine, so we indulged with a grilled peach Bellini and an old-fashioned. 🙂


The food at 10/09 Kitchen was to die for, and we ate it all before I could take any pictures.

You know I can’t go a day without being active, and I convinced Mark to go on an 18 mile bike ride through the countryside.


We started out okay.

Then it hit 93 degrees and I almost stopped and thought about staying here.


After two hours of rolling hills, one steep climb and about a billion red barns…we finished.


Mark said he’d rather put up drywall and build another staircase before doing that again!

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4 thoughts on “We don’t have proper resort wear

  1. Howard says:


    We’re on our 22 year…try a cruise sometime.

    Want to go to a resort casual resort…check out Stonewall in Virgina. Staight down 79..2 maybe 2.5 hours. Hope ur having fun


    PS. If you buy cup board…ducks are a requirement

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