Moving In

A Window A Weekend

Mark and I have officially become slow pokes.

It’s taken us FOREVER to finish this window project.


But when your super fun nephews are in town, you’re going to hang with them and put the house stuff on hold! (Uncle Mark looks drunk in this picture but he’s not.)


We summoned all the energy and focus we had and were determined to finish! Mark cut and put up the trim.


He hung out the window all afternoon to finish painting the outside frame.


Then it was a mad dash to hang the blinds before True Detective came on! (Even though this season totally stinks, we keep watching it hoping it will get better. It doesn’t.)


The blinds are so good, it’s like we have black-out shades…without that black-out shade price tag. 🙂


Mark says he miscalculated a piece of trim and it’s 1/8th longer than the other.

I told him to LET. IT. GO.

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