Kiddo Krazy

Uncle Mark and Aunt Courtney have been out in full force these last few weeks!


Lilypad continues to be the cutest baby on the planet and I am smitten beyond words.


She has the entire family totally obsessed with her every move.


And Mama Kelly is looking sooooo good, it’s like she never gained any baby weight…girlfriend is smokin’!!!


I get to babysit Lily BY MYSELF very soon. I must get a pack n’ play because building a fort of pillows for her naps just won’t do.


Fort Lily…isn’t she cute?!!! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Kiddo Krazy

  1. Jennifer Simpson says:

    She is defintely a cutie pie!! The pics don’t lie Courtney, you are smitten totally!!!

  2. Take lots of pictures, they grow up so fast. Seems like yesterday my one great niece was born, two weeks ago was her one year wedding anniversary.

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