Moving In

Looking ahead…

Mark and I are on a very tight schedule to FINISH our house. Like, really REALLY finish it.

On the agenda this weekend…complete the firewall in our attic.


We estimate this will take one weekend. (But it kinda depends on how many beers we have and how many naps we take.)


After that, we will tackle the gross monstrosity that is our back bedroom.

Whoa. Nelly.


It’s the one part of our house that we haven’t touched. It’s basically our storage room.

We need to fix all three windows.


Mark also wants to take down this chimney and build a closet.


It might take a whole freakin’ week just to clean it out.


We’re giving ourselves 4-5 weekends to get this done. In my head, I know it’s 8-10. 🙁

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