Moving In

Vodka Sodas > Firewall Construction

Vodka sodas with a splash of cranberry juice are the best.

And drinking them in your backyard is wayyyyyy better than building a firewall.

(Trust us.)


This weekend did not go as planned. Mark had a big work deadline and was at the office all day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday.

Y’all know I’m not building that firewall by myself.

So, I busied myself with these Sweaty Bettys.


My spin studio, Steel Revolution, hosted a #SweatItForward event to raise money for cancer research. We partnered with The Barre Code in Shadyside and rocked out on Sunday morning.


It was an AWESOME group. We #SweatItForward and backward and to the side (basically we were dripping everywhere.)

We did make a bit of progress with the firewall.


We bought the insulation for it! 🙂

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