Moving In

Bucket Brigade

I literally spent several hours filling a bucket with rocks, walking it 12 feet and then dumping it.


God bless all the people that have to do this for a living because it totally sucks.

Our basement purge continued as we shoveled out all the broken concrete that we smashed to pieces with the jackhammer when we put our sewer line in last year.


Mark would shovel it out the coal shoot. I would load up a bucket, and then dump it in the very back of our yard.


Mark says we eventually have to take these pieces to the dump.

I said he better make a concrete art sculpture because there’s no way in hell I’m moving those pieces again.

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4 thoughts on “Bucket Brigade

  1. Kathie W. says:

    That’s funny, Courtney! I would have to agree with you……make a very nice rock garden……less yard work, no watering!

  2. Sherri Craig says:

    Just think NO GYM!! Your getting your exercise at home! Besides YOU will LOVE it when it’s all done. You’ll be able to say, “we did this!” and you will be proud!

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