Moving In

Ya Can’t Catch A Bus On The Roof

I walked in from teaching spin this weekend and before I even locked the car door, I could hear it.

POUNDING. Oh Lord in heaven, I know what that means!


That noise means 2 things…my husband is working on the roof and he’s still alive. (Bonus!)


Mark and I decided to down take the chimney (that doesn’t work) because we wanted to salvage the old bus sign that covered it up.


The bricks fell pretty easily and the mortar broke apart like sand. These old houses, man, it’s incredible what they withstood.


We love the sign. Not sure how we’re going to use it or what kind of art piece we’re going to turn it into, but there are more pressing matters at hand.

Those would be…the huge hole in our roof…


The possibility of rain…


And bats. We don’t have any and I’m not interested in starting now.

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