Heavy lifting

We Love To Cancel Our Vacations

For the second time, Mark and I are cancelling our beach vacation to work on the house.

This happened last September.


That was when we were still living with my parents (best time of our lives) and we were THIS CLOSE to getting the house to a point where we could move in.


Fast forward 365 days and we are in a similar position. We (again) are THIS CLOSE to FINISHING all the major rooms in the house.


We cleaned out our back bedroom and did the demolition work during the Labor Day holiday.


Now, we need to put up the metal stud walls, insulate it, put up the drywall, paint, put in carpet and furnish it.

I cancelled our flights and used the money to buy 20 cases of Red Bull.

Mark and I both really needed this vacation, but we officially make all our decisions based on our house. We’ve lost our minds.


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