Moving In

Screw it…we should just be roofers.

Mark and I have been on this roof so many times, I feel like we should just start a roofing company.

We’ve put down new tar.


We’ve put in laundry vents.


We’ve admired the view.


I’m not a fan of this kind of work. It’s really hot on the roof, and there’s not an SPF in this world high enough that keeps those rays off my pasty white skin.


We most recently took down the chimney and needed to cover this hole.


Mark discovered that our roof deck is actually made up of the same wood planks that are our floors. He had a bunch of salvaged wood pieces in our basement and used them to patch the hole.


Neither of us knew that these old homes had wood pieces as the base roof layer. Kinda weird…kinda cool…fine by us.


We then put roofing material on top of that and sealed it up tight.

I’m hoping we can stay off the roof for awhile.

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