The Row House

I should probably get Mark some life insurance

Sooooooo…I have a secret to tell you.

Despite my husband’s incredible (and seemingly boundless) home renovation skills, he is not a superhero.


Yes yes, I know…you are SHOCKED. And I am sorry to burst the bubble.

Because Mark is human and his bones can break just as easily as anyone else’s, I think it’s time to get him some beefy life insurance.


For instance, just a few days ago he was on our back porch roof.

It’s old and rickety and the nails that hold it in place are coming out of the wall.


Basically, it’s a death trap and my husband refuses to acknowledge that.

(Maybe this public shaming will change that.)

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4 thoughts on “I should probably get Mark some life insurance

  1. Don says:

    You just don’t understand the man’s way of thinking. You see with the nails sticking up from the wood they keep you from skipping off the roof. When you start to slip they grab your leg and dig in to stop the fall. It’s like ” I have a full tank of gas I’m not lost” , kind of thinking. :-).


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