The Row House

Good at renovating…not at rowing

We haven’t done much since our DIY home renovation staycation.

(Mark did manage to tackle the beer flights at Draai Laag though.)


Between nonstop work (as in our real life jobs) and snuggling with my favorite little nugget, our final house renovations are on pause.


One reason for the holdup was a corporate rowing club that Mark joined.

This past weekend all the teams got to do the final trek down the Allegheny River.


My mom tried to hang onto her umbrella in the wind while we waited for Mark and his team. As you can see, I did my best impression of a hobo.


Maybe if Mark and his crew had spent more time rowing this season and less time grilling hamburgers and drinking beer they would’ve had a better time.


After waiting for them for about an hour on the Roberto Clemente bridge, Mark called and said their rudder broke.

Check out those sad faces.


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