The Grand House, The Row House

An introduction to our children

Now that Mark and I have 2 houses in Lawrenceville we need to name them. This is for our sanity and so all you blog readers can keep it straight!


Our current (and almost complete) renovation will be called, The Row House. (I know, I know…SUPER imaginative)


The new Victorian we’re going to restore will be called, The Grand House.


Since we don’t have kids (much to the dismay of my mother and mother-in-law) we’ll treat these homes as our children.


We put all of our time and money into them and they constantly exhaust us.

Isn’t that what parenting is?! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “An introduction to our children

  1. Howard Wiley says:

    Courtney, you know me to be an avid blog watcher & fan of yours.

    Are you guys going to keep this up? The Victorian must be beautiful & with tons of potential. Well I will continue to nominate you blog…I love it.



  2. Aunt Lorraine says:

    Hey you two kids,

    I was worried when I heard you both were going to do it again, but from the pictures it shouldn’t be as dirty and exhausting as the Row House. In fact it already looks pretty good. How many rooms does it have/


  3. Marbles says:

    Hi Courtney, absolutely love that brick wall – the unevenness makes it look so raw. Just on another note did you do the painting for your place yourselves or did you hire a professional? We’re looking to paint our house too


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