The Row House

Friday Night Party Time!

Here’s our idea of a party…


Takeout from Pusadee’s Garden (BEST Thai food in the city!)


Red wine (I have 1 glass, Mark has 7.)


Tunes from Spotify (we like the “hanging out & relaxing” playlist.)


We really take it up a notch when we start touching up the nail holes so they’re ready when my Dad comes over to help us paint.

I love it when he helps out…but I think Mark enjoys it WAYYYYY more. Bromance. For. Life.


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4 thoughts on “Friday Night Party Time!

  1. Love your Friday night party time! How sweet that your dad and hubby have a bromance going on. That’s always a good thing 🙂

    I just recently tried Thai food (in Monroeville at The Green Mango), so I am interested in visiting Pusadee’s Garden some time!!

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