The Row House

It Takes A Village

Mark and I are forever indebted to my family because, without them, we would be sitting in an unfinished house silently sobbing into our wine glasses wondering why the renovation isn’t going faster.


My dad, mom, sister and brother-in-law helped us all throughout this DIY home renovation, and my Daddio saved our butts again this weekend.


In addition to his many wonderful attributes, my Dad is a great painter…he’s clean, careful and precise. All he needs are donuts and maybe a pear for lunch.


While my dad painted our stairwell, Mark and I finished painting the trim downstairs.

Mark (2)

We also installed the railing for our staircase.


I’m so used to walking up these steps without the railing, I keep forgetting that I can touch it.

Every time I walk down, Mark yells out…grab the railing, babe!

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