The Row House

Don’t baby proof the house, Courtney proof it!

I was voted “most athletic” in high school. I now teach spinning and go to all kinds of workout classes. I chase criminals and politicians in heels during my day job…

You think I could manage to walk down the steps?!


Apparently, that skill escapes me.


This is the third time I’ve had my feet slip from under me while walking down the steps. This weekend, I slipped coming down our beautiful new staircase and (I can vouch) those ROCK HARD oak treads are not forgiving.


I’ve got gashes in my hand and elbow and a real nice bruise on the bony part of my lower back.

Remember how Mark kept yelling “grab the railing, babe!”?!

I should have listened.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t baby proof the house, Courtney proof it!

  1. Sherri Craig says:

    Awe, sorry to hear about your fall. Glad to see your OK, other than some cuts and bruises. Maybe Mark needs to get you a helmet to wear coming down your steps to protect your pretty head. Lol. Be careful, I enjoy seeing you on the news and reading your blogs. You break an arm or worse would be AWFUL!! BE SAFE!!

  2. Jackie Beranek says:

    Oh nooooo!!!!!! I do have to say though my middle name isn’t Grace either. Heal fast!!!!

    Sent from my iPad Jackie Beranek


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