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Carbs for days…

When my in-laws called last Thursday and said they were going to come in for a quick visit, I said to Mark “OMG, what’s wrong?”

Turns out nothing was wrong. πŸ˜‰

Mark’s mom and dad had their original plans fall through and so they thought…”Let’s go see our son and make sure that Pittsburgh girl is being good to him!”


All the Brennans came over for dessert Saturday night after a really good dinner at Avenue B in Shadyside. (If you’ve never been, you must!)

I’m sure you can guess who the hit of the party was…


On Sunday, we showed my in-laws the old Victorian we just bought and they said 2 things. “Wow, that’s awesome.” AND “That is going to be so much work!”

We’re already planning a “demo party” that will be spearheaded by Mark’s dad.


Before they left, Mark took a look at the new facility his dad is building in Toronto and gave him his professional design advice.

In return, Mark got every Dutch treat that you could possibly buy in Canada.


Pretty sure the Dutch diet consists of carbs, carbs, more carbs, a few almonds, and carbs. πŸ™‚ (Love ya, Ambtmans!)

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