The Grand House

The Results Are In!

Everybody who reads the blog either conspired with each other OR the design without the awning is just butt ugly.


No one liked the rendering above…all of you agreed that the “after” picture of rooftop deck WITH the awning at the Grand House is the way to go.


Mark and I agree, but we do have one concern.

Doesn’t it kinda look like a Pizza Hut? You can see it, right? The brick below, the awning and a bit of brick above.

Maybe Mark and I are nuts, but I’d hate for the house to look like a gorgeous Victorian in the front and a pizza delivery shop in the back.


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8 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. Aunt Lorraine says:

    I was gonna say a drive thru bank but I didn’t want to be too funny. I like it with out the awning. Knowing you 2 kids you’ll come up with something.

  2. If you hadn’t mentioned Pizza Hut I wouldn’t have noticed. I’m sure that Mark can make it not look like a pizza shop. In the rendering it sort of does but in the end with the columns on the roof and a railing on the deck I doubt that it will. The columns are probably why I didn’t think Pizza Hut.

  3. Emily says:

    I can completely understand how you see Pizza Hut in that rendering. I don’t think that it is the brick as much as it is the shape of the roof line on the awning that screams Pizza Hut. I also don’t think that it will be as noticeable if you’re standing at the ground level. This rendering exaggerates the roof because is an aerial perspective. If you still think that the roof line will bother you, why not try to change the shape of the awning a bit:

    Adding shape to the corners:

    Or shape under the roof line and add bulkier columns: (Not this style, but this gives you an idea of how that transforms the space)

    Or replace it with a completely different style of awning:

    Fun fact. Your blog shows up in google image searches for “brick house Victorian awning”

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