The Row House

Mark the Mason

Mark can basically do anything a general contractor can do. And in the spirit of the new year and JUST GOING FOR IT, it turns out he is quite the mason as well.


That’s the old wooden sill on one of the windows in the back bedroom. It has to be the original because it was rotted and gross. Mark removed it along with some of the crumbly bricks underneath.


Time to rebuild the windowsill.


My husband’s OCD comes out in full effect with this project…every brick is lined up perfectly. You betta believe Mark spent a good 3 hours just lining those puppies up!


After it dried, we put the new window in. (Side note…we bought expensive windows for the front of our house and these $150 windows from Home Depot are way easier to install and work a heck of a lot better.)


We did the same thing to the other window and now you can open and close all of the windows in the back bedroom.



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2 thoughts on “Mark the Mason

  1. carol triano says:

    Great job, cannot wait to see the end result in this room. Love the fact that you shop at The Home Depot!!

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