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Only 1 thing to do when you’re snowed in…work on your house!

This weekend was spent keeping people up to date on the snow storm for my real job and drinking hot tea with honey and bourbon..the best!

Mark and I also used #SnowStormJonas as the perfect excuse to stay in and work on our house!

(Ya’ll knew we were gonna work on it any way.)


Not the prettiest...but good!

Not the prettiest…but good!

Yes, I cooked. (Shocking!)

I made Mark a three egg omelet with meat and cheese, then promptly announced that I will not make breakfast again for probably 3 months.

Remember the orange blobs (aka spray foam) that we put in all the nooks and crannies in our exposed brick?

We shaved off the front and threw those pieces away. Doesn’t it look like teeny tiny sweet potatoes?!

how do I spray foam my house

I’m VERY HAPPY to say that it doesn’t look that bad!

how to chip plaster off brick

Looks good, huh?

You actually can’t even really see the spray foam…it blends in perfectly with our pumpkin colored brick.

what to do with a brick fireplace


Dontcha just love when life works out like that?!

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3 thoughts on “Only 1 thing to do when you’re snowed in…work on your house!

  1. Sherri Craig says:

    Breakfast looked great! I think your a little hard on yourself. As far as the brick, success!! It blends in perfectly and no more cold drafts. Job well done, Mark and Courtney. Thank you for your blig. I look forward to them. Stay safe and warm.

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