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Guess who’s a genius?

Well, it’s not either of us.

home renovation

But the geniuses who give Ted Talks are my new favorite people.

Lacking a bit of inspiration? Looking for a positive kick-in-the-pants?

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I’ve started listening to Ted Talks every morning, and then I tell Mark how we can apply all of the inspiring stories I hear to home renovation.

For instance…did you know the Wright brothers never went to college? No one on their engineering team did either. And no one gave them any money or paid any attention to them while they were working on their “flying machine.”

In fact, everyone (including the New York Times) was following a Harvard professor around named Samuel who was supposed to be the first in flight. So, what trumped Samuel’s talent AND money AND high profile? PASSION.

Passion wins. Grit wins. Determination wins. And that’s what I tell Mark (and myself!) when our renovations aren’t going quickly or smoothly.

Maybe I should put that on a t-shirt. 🙂

(Listen to the Wright brothers Ted Talk HERE! Fast forward to 8:15!)

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