The Row House


Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get all religious on ya! 🙂

But hang with me for a minute.  What Mark and I are doing…even with the small stuff…like this door…

sanding an old door

Taking the old and reviving it…turning it into something new and better.

Finding the old gems and shining them back up to show their beautiful souls.

sanding an old door

We worked outside this past weekend (since it was apparently Spring but no one told us) and we finished scraping and sanding the door that was featured in our first magazine article.

This was the cover then…

refinished door

This is the door now.


Revival.  I think we might be onto something.

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3 thoughts on “Revival.

  1. Jennifer Simpson says:

    The definition of Revival means an improvement in the condition or strength of something. I would have to say that sums it up!! You both are incredible and continue to amaze me with your home renovations!

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