The Row House

The only time I’m okay with stains.

Normally, I hate stains…and I usually get them on my clothes right before I meet someone important, but that’s for another day.

These kinds of stains, though, are totally welcome in our house.

staining wood

Our friends at the PPG Paints store helped us create the stain we needed for our back bedroom door.

how to stain a solid wood door

She really is a thing of beauty.

old wooden door

Here’s how we stain it…take an old rag, dip two fingers in the paint and rub it evenly on the door from right to left.

how to stain an old wooden door

Then we hit it with 2 coats of clear polyurethane.

how to stain wood

Check out our time lapse video…staining an old wooden door never looked so cool!!

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8 thoughts on “The only time I’m okay with stains.

  1. Courtney it’s not cheap or frugel, Your “recycling”. Trust me your not the first and won’t be the last. Your house is coming along beautifully!!

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