The Row House

Cheap as $#&!

You know what that title means. 🙂

I wouldn’t say Mark and I are cheap…I’d say we’re frugal and like to stretch our money as far as we can.

Especially when the renovations won’t be seen by anyone…here’s what we mean.

how to patch wood floors

Hey babe!

There are four holes in our back bedroom floor that need to be patched. We’re putting wall-to-wall carpeting in this room, so no one will even see the patches.

reclaimed wood

Instead of buying new wood, we used the last few boards of the reclaimed wood that we salvaged from other parts of the house.

Mark cut it to size and hammered it in.

how to patch wood floors

A pretty easy project that only took about an hour.

reclaimed wood flooring

That’s Mark giving it a thumps up!

I think I’ve come up with a better word…it’s not that we’re cheap…we just HATE being wasteful. 🙂

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