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Laying carpet + mini naps

There is nothing Mark and I won’t try…and we usually accomplish any home renovation project we start…but I think we need to go on the record and say that putting down carpet is HARD.

how to lay carpet

It started as a pretty easy day…we put the carpet tack strips around the edges of the room.

We cut the under padding fairly quickly.

carpet padding

Quick suggestion…we found the scissors to be better than the carpet knife.

how to lay carpet

My favorite part was stapling the padding to the wood floor.

how to lay carpet

We thought we were on easy street for the rest of the night…we were wrong!!!

The room isn’t a perfect rectangle, but the carpet roll is just one big slab and it took FOREVER to roll it out inside the room and line it up with the tacks.

how to lay carpet

We were exhausted and took a mini-nap. 🙂

Then we rallied and I held the carpet in place while Mark cut it.

how to lay carpet

He then summoned all the strength he had for the carpet kicker!!!

how to lay carpet

This is very bizarre to me, but it worked and Mark didn’t break a knee cap.

carpet kicker

After 4 hours, we were done. And by done, I mean totally cooked!

The BIG reveal is coming SOON! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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