The Row House

The BIG reveal!

Our back bedroom is done. Like totally, completely, gonna throw a party for myself DONE!!

Let’s journey back so we can fully appreciate how far we’ve come. It started as our junk room.

how to organize your bedroom

So. Gross.

We then got to our favorite phase…DEMOLITION! 🙂

how to demolish a house

Stud walls and insulation came next.

how to build stud wall

From there, we got the drywall up and had a finisher come in to mud and tape it.

how do I mud drywall

Painting made it look super clean.

painting tips

Carpet, blinds and a corner shelf (built by Mark!) completed the look!

master bedrooms

We made a video so you can see it from start to finish in 5 seconds…watch below!

Totally loving it!

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