The Row House

Ugly paneling and hidden treasures!

I love my husband. I REALLY love his design for our new kitchen.

kitchen remodel

First, we had to demolish our existing crappy kitchen. I hated that beadboard paneling.

We took it down and the framing around the two windows.

kitchen remodel

I love the original door and transom window above it. We’re keeping those but hacked off the wood framing around it.

kitchen remodeling

You know we’re always finding old gems when we start digging into the cracks and crannies of this old house.

Check this out…we found the ORIGINAL sash windows buried in the wall.

sash windows

It still had the weights and ropes connected to it.

I did some research online and it said that sash windows were used in traditional Victorian homes, and the sashes would slide up and down to open and close the window…they were counterbalanced by lead weights on cords.

Very cool stuff. Very cool.

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4 thoughts on “Ugly paneling and hidden treasures!

  1. Sonya D says:

    We still have some of those windows in my house. Most have been replaced. I am hoping to replace the last 12 of them this summer.

  2. Michelle Helbling says:

    Same thing happened to me while demo-ing! It fell out of the frame and missed my foot by an inch! It probably would have broken a few bones in my foot! Keep up the good work. It’s so fun to read about your progress!

    • Glad to hear you didn’t break your foot! We’ve had a few close calls…and every time Mark goes up on the roof, I say a prayer! Thanks for following along!

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