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A small dose of inspiration!

Yours truly is not her usual self and so I ask for forgiveness for my small absence from blog land. (Not that these posts enrich your lives in any way…but I hate being away for so long!)

With my mea culpa out of the way, we can refocus on the kitchen remodel.

Our first thought was to do a galley kitchen like this

kitchen remodel

I also love this design from Pinterest!

kitchen remodel

We were all set with that, but Mark kept talking about a kitchen island. Moving the stove and oven to one wall, adding a vent hood and having counter height cabinets on both sides. Kind of like this

kitchen remodel

The kitchen island would be in the middle and have a sink and dishwasher with a large enough surface top to add stools so that people could use it as a table. Another example

kitchen remodel

The galley kitchen idea is cheaper and easier. The kitchen island is more expensive and labor intensive.

Guess which one Mark is pushing to do?! 🙂

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