The Row House

Our rules for a kitchen remodel!

Kitchens sell homes. Period.

Mark and I know if we decide to stay in the rowhouse, rent the rowhouse or sell it…the kitchen could be the make or break room!

These are the rules we’re following…

#1 Keep with the “feel” of the house.

Our home is a modern, industrial space with throwback touches to some of the original features.

home design

For instance, we kept all the original wood doors…just sanded and stained them.

home design

In the kitchen, we’ve got this original built-in pantry cabinet that goes from the floor to the ceiling.

kitchen remodel

We’ll keep it and just spruce it up!

#2 Don’t spend more on the kitchen than the home value can support.

Mark and I are always, ALWAYS thinking about how much money we’ve put into the house and what we think we could sell it for. We never want to put so much in that we’d either break even or only make a small return on our investment.

#3 The kitchen needs to appeal to the majority of people.

Buying a really bold or eccentric backsplash might make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but will most people like that or think it’s weird?

Mark and I are going with clean lines, a light and soft color palette and sleek, modern features that appeal to people who would want to live in a home like ours.

Those are our rules and we’re stickin’ to ’em! 🙂

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