The Row House

You can see it coming together!

No, stud walls aren’t especially beautiful, but I love them.

Being a home renovator for more than two years now, stud walls showcase what the new shape of a room will be and hold the promise of what’s to come!

Our kitchen feels ohsoclose to coming together even though we still have some heavy lifting to do.

kitchen remodel

We used blue tape on the floor to map out our base cabinets. We spent probably an hour on that. You want to ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE your measurements are correct and then also allow the minimum clearance for distance between the refrigerator and stove and the stovetop and microwave…if you’re doing a galley kitchen like ours.

kitchen remodel

We also got our electrical boxes in place along this wall since all of the kitchen appliances…stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher…will be along this row.

kitchen remodel

Drywall will go up next…can’t wait!

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