The Row House

Our Second Wind

Just when we were dragging MAJOR you know what…a strong, cool breeze swept through our rowhouse and gave us the boost we needed.

running electrical wire

It also could’ve been the new coffee blend we got, but the breeze is a better story. 🙂

Mark and our beloved electrician ran the electrical lines for the kitchen…first drilling through the floor joists.

running electrical wire

Mark then pulled the wires up through the stud walls and funneled them through the electrical boxes.

kitchen wiring

We are all ready for our appliances!

kitchen remodel ideas

Next comes the drywall and we are debating what kind of statement chandelier we’re going to put in the kitchen.

I love this…

home improvement

Mark wants this…

home improvement

I know he’ll win…he always does. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Our Second Wind

  1. John Gmail says:

    Mark’s chandeliers will show more of the kitchen grime … though would be easier to clean … and of course carry-out & red wine doesn’t generate much kitchen grime J

  2. Audra says:

    Oh I like your lighting choice much better!!! More streamline, fits the look!! Don’t like the round shape ones at all!! Sorry Mark 😉

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