The Row House

The redheaded stepchild

The halfway point of any renovation project is like the red-headed stepchild…but guess what…I love gingers and if I had stepkids I would love them to pieces too.

And so, I must love my derelict-looking kitchen.

Everyone loves BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

The before pictures show everyone how shabby your place was…

home renovation ideas

The after pictures show how awesome you are and why people should want to come over. 🙂

home renovation ideas

But halfway pictures get no love.

Stud walls are not sexy. Construction clutter isn’t either.

But these are very REAL parts of any renovation, and this is what our kitchen looks like right now.

home renovation ideas

When you’re a DIY home renovator, you must love ALL parts of the project.

Even the ugly ones! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The redheaded stepchild

  1. Andrea Williams says:

    It is going to be gorgeous. Frankly more than once I saw what you were going to do with the house and flinched but it turned out great. This? Beautiful! Funny how sometimes you can be color blind to renovation when colors aren’t in your safety zone, good lessons 🙂

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