The Row House

The butcher, the baker, the cabinet maker

Favorite husband Mark wears many hats around here…he is the grill master, makes a semi-decent brownie and is a whiz at cabinetry.

home renovation ideas

We all know Mark could make the cabinets himself, but in the interest of time, we bought IKEA kitchen cabinets and are now assembling them.

I supervise.


I also help. 🙂

Lord knows assembling IKEA cabinets can be the death of some people with their instruction booklet all pictures and no words.

kitchen remodel

They also neglect to tell you that the doughy man in the instruction manual only has a smile on his face because he drinks many beers while assembling.

home renovation ideas

Mark is just as good putting cabinets together while buzzed as he is stone cold sober!

home renovation ideas

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One thought on “The butcher, the baker, the cabinet maker

  1. Not trying to tell you what to do, but please steer clear of dust and other “odors” to keep you and your “lil Peanut” safe please. You guys are doing a phenomenal job but not good for you to be around. Just telling to keep Mommy and Baby safe. Lots of luck

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