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The Truth About Pregnancy

I wish I was a glowing, pregnant goddess who handled my growing belly with grace…but my pregnancy journey has been more like a sweaty troll who’s dealing with an ever-expanding belly wondering when it’s going to be OVER!


Morning sickness almost killed me. I am not a wimp and I have a high threshold for pain, and yet morning sickness had me in tears cursing my husband and his sperm.

Pregnancy has also given me a nice, dark mask on my face around my temples and cheeks. It’s called pregnancy melasma and even my expensive concealer will not cover it! It’s not like a cool, superhero mask…but one that I will have to bleach off my face.


My belly is big…my chest is in another stratosphere…and my feet are FAT! Seriously, some of my shoes don’t fit…my husband is blissfully unaware because everyday he puts his shoes on and goes to work while I work to squeeze my sweaty, doughy feet into heels.

Lastly, dealing with people’s strange questions and comments is something men don’t understand. And if men were asked these questions, they would just punch the person in the face.

Here’s a tip…don’t ask a pregnant woman if she’s having twins…you might as well say, “You look super fat!”

Cheers everybody! Can you tell I need a drink?!

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About Pregnancy

  1. Sarah says:

    I would like this 1,000 times if I could, so true! If I got asked if I was “sure it’s not twins?” one more time I think my head would have exploded. Hang in there Mama. It’s all worth it in the end.

  2. Denise says:

    You look beautiful. Once you have that little pumpkin, all of this will just be a blur to you. Hang in there.

  3. Thomas Marree says:

    Courtney, being a guy, I don’t have any idea what it feels like to be pregnant, but when the baby is born, it will all be worth it, in fact, I can see you and Mark having several day at a time!!!!

  4. Pat says:

    I hated the comment from an older man, ” Hey did you swallow a watermelon seed?” That was in 1977 and it still remains in my head.

  5. Wayne & Betty Kerr says:

    Great to see that hubby is keeping you on the level (with the bubble in the middle).

    Trust the last of the journey produces a gold nugget


  6. Courtney, your used to a beautiful young lady which you still are, even more beautiful. Your belly will get a lot bigger, but your are growing a new life. Your breasts are filling with milk to nurture that little life and your not ugly. You have the pregnancy glow. When you expecting a girl your features change because “a girl takes the beauty out of her Mother”.
    You need to cheer up you have a ways to go and it won’t get easier. Don’t forget in this heat you have a little furnace in there. I delivered in Sept and July How stupid was I?
    Cheer up, go on a shopping trip instead of a drink.
    Once you see your precious child, you will forget all this.
    Ignore rude people! You look absolutely beautiful!!

  7. Carol Zivic says:

    Hey Courtney I threw up EVERY SINGLE DAY and I mean every single day with my 3rd baby (23 yrs ago) so I feel for you. But when she was born she was and still is the most happy and pleasant person. You will forget all that when you see that gorgeous little face ! Hope you’re feeling better soon

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