The Row House

A kitchen so nice, I might actually use it!

Mark and I are at the point in our kitchen remodel where the heavy lifting is done.

What we’re doing now is mostly cosmetic, and it makes me so EXCITED!!!

home renovation ideas

Look at that farm sink! With the butcher block counter top!

My poor family must endure several texts like this throughout the day as each piece is installed. They humor me…out of love…and text me back saying they love it too. 🙂

A quick rewind to show you how we got the base cabinets secured and level.

home renovation ideas

Mark then hooked up the water lines to the sink and to the dishwasher. (It took him all day, and he was very sweaty by the end, but it was a success!)

The birch butcher block came in one long piece. Mark cut it to fit and then we used butcher block conditioner to protect it.

home renovation ideas

A girl with this exact counter top recommended it to us…it’s a combination of beeswax and mineral oil and it’s supposed to keep spills and stains from being absorbed into the wood.

kitchen remodel

We’ll put all the fronts on the cabinets next…we’re both really jazzed about the gray color we picked.

kitchen remodel

I think it looks clean and modern and chic!

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