The Row House

We can’t just buy a light…that would be WAY too easy!

There is a power struggle that exists between Mark and I when it comes to DIY-ing EVERYTHING in our home.

home renovation ideas

If he had his way, Mark would sketch, design and build EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. in our house.

He would rather live without any light fixtures for a year if it meant that he could take 12 months to craft every single one.

kitchen remodel

I refuse to let him do this, but I had to budge a little when he said his latest idea could be done in a day.

He bought some gas pipe from Home Depot, an Edison bulb and a lamp shade from IKEA.

home renovation ideas

A few hours later, we had our own industrial light fixture above the café table in the kitchen.

home renovation ideas

I almost hate to admit it, but Mark was right…the light is perfect!

It’s much softer than our overhead fixture and I love it in the mornings when I come down to make a cup of tea…I think of my sweet husband every time I turn it on. 🙂

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