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Gotta have GOALS!

Mark and I are all about goals.

Call us crazy, but we believe in speaking those goals OUT LOUD and putting them into the universe where they can take shape and happen!


Goal #1: To feel good these next 9 weeks, work all the way up to my due date, then walk to the hospital, spread my legs and have the baby fall out.

Goal #2: To keep our composure when the kid comes out and try not to bawl our eyes out, get snotty noses and embarrass ourselves in front of the doctor and nurses.

Goal #3: To have the healthiest, sweetest little baby who LOVES to sleep…like 9 hours a night.


Goal #4: That the baby will get all the best qualities of me and Mark and none of the bad, annoying qualities that we can’t get rid of.

Goal #5: To be great parents, flip houses, work full time and blog.

Dear Jesus, please help us with #5…amen.

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2 thoughts on “Gotta have GOALS!

  1. Henry Strohm says:

    Best of luck Courtney! I share your passion for old homes and enjoy following your adventures.

    I was 41 when my first daughter was born, and her sister was born two years later. Last week, we moved both of them into Penn State where they are studying engineering.

    Having children was the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s not an easy job, and it changes you life in so many ways, but nothing will ever be as rewarding.

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