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An Unconventional Push Present

It’s a thing nowadays for the husband/spouse/partner to buy his lady a gift for carrying and pushing out that sweet little baby that rips a woman from here to kingdom come.

I only have 8 weeks before that happens!


Most of the time the push present is jewelry…or maybe a car if you had a really bad pregnancy and labored for 48 hours.

Mark asked me the other day what I wanted and I told him I wanted him to get a copy of Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and follow the instructions word-for-word.


Marie Kondo is an organizational guru who shows you how to declutter your home. Her KonMari Method of tidying up means that you don’t just get rid of the things you don’t regularly use…you only keep what gives you JOY!

Only keep what gives you JOY. What a concept…I love it.

I will keep Mark, my joy-bringer, and happily say goodbye to all his junk!


I love my husband and his vision, his handy-man-ness, his sweetness and his head of hair…but I really hate all of his crap.

I asked Mark to get rid of all his meaningless stuff and only keep the necessities…which for him, should be me, our baby, his tools and a 6-pack of beer! 🙂

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