The Row House

A Letter To Our Sweetie

Dear Baby A,

Everyone is SO EXCITED to meet you…and most of them think you will be a boy!


If you are a girl, I’m sure you’re laughing inside my belly thinking “I’ll show them!”

You are already so loved and when our family came together this weekend for your baby shower, I’m sure you could feel it!


All your cousins are super cute…so you have a lot to live up to! 🙂


Your Canadian family already bought you everything you’ll need to fit right in with them…


Your American family got you ready for every possible sports season in Pittsburgh!


Cousin Lily will be hanging out with you everyday since Nana will watch both of you while we’re at work. Lily wrote you this message…


Mom and dad have been dreaming about who you are, who you’ll become and which one of us you look like!


Your daddy is strong and sweet, and I hope you get his kind heart.

Your mom is sassy and driven, and I will teach you how to kick some a$$. 🙂

We can’t wait to be a family of 3!

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