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I know, I know…you roll your eyes every time you hear someone say they’re “blessed” or hashtag it on their Instagram photo while they’re holding a mimosa and looking out over the Italian Riveria…I hate those people too. 😉

But, I gotta say I’m #blessed after the week I had.


First of all…if any of you ever want to throw a party, you should consult my friend, Susie, who must have been a celebrity party planner in her former life because she put together THE MOST GORGEOUS baby shower EVER!


We had balloons and champagne and a chef in her kitchen whipping up the most delicious lunch.


There were beautiful jewelry prizes and flowers and 3 desserts…3 of them!!


I couldn’t believe how incredible it was.

But my heart wasn’t full because of that.

My heart was full because I have wonderful, smart, sassy girlfriends who love and support each other and go out of their way to make people feel special.


We also got GOOD NEWS from the doctor…baby is head down, in position and super low!

Little peanut is getting ready to join us!


We were smiling so hard, the doctor said, “Wow, you guys are excited!”


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9 thoughts on “#Blessed

  1. Andrea says:

    Praying for an easy delivery for you and your little one. It is good to hear you say you are blessed, don’t let anyone rain on your blessings!

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