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It’s GO time!!!

The time is FINALLY here…we are headed to the hospital tomorrow morning to be induced!

Little nugget head has been cooking for 42 weeks and now it’s time for his or her grand entrance!


This weekend, I saw some girlfriends, had a great date night with Mark, went for long walks and tried to SLEEP!

Mark is SO READY to be a dad. Everyday for the past 3 weeks, he said to me “Let’s have a baby, today!” right as he left for work.

We know our baby is stubborn, and I think he or she is going to be a little stinker.

Hopefully when we induce, lil bubs will cooperate and just slide right out!!

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6 thoughts on “It’s GO time!!!

  1. Donald Zanella says:

    Wishing the three of you the very best. But who care ever take your place on the news ?? Lol. All the best !!

  2. Sherri says:

    So EXCITING!! I’m happy for all 3 of you!! Can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl!! I ask Dear Heavenly Father to lay his healing hands on you and your baby. I pray Dear Father Courtney and her baby have a easy labor and delivery. I pray the baby and Courtney remain healthy and safe through this miracle of life you have bestowed upon us. In JESUS CHRISTS name I pray, AMEN!!

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