The Grand House

We Just Had A Baby…So Let’s Renovate Another House!

Yes…most people think we’re nuts, but life’s too short to slow down and not go for your dreams. And this house is part of our dreams!


We took Baby Hank to see the work we’ve done so far. We told him that it doesn’t look like much now…but Daddy’s vision for this old Victorian house is spectacular!

Our first order of business was to fix the brick work on the front facade.

home improvement

The brick had a wicked bow and we had to take all the brick off and rebuild the wall in order to make it right.

A huge task…I know.

home renovation ideas

Lucky for us, our friend and neighbor has a top notch team that does exactly this kind of work and they’re taking good care of us.

Tony G and his crew first started shoring the inside of the house.

home improvement

They then dismantled the brick and put up scaffolding.


Mark will do some of the major interior wall building this weekend while I take care of our little man.

Mark builds us a house…I build up our son! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “We Just Had A Baby…So Let’s Renovate Another House!

  1. Sue says:

    That is a beautiful picture of you and baby Hank! Looks like a lot of hard work on the house! But you guys will do a great job!

  2. Aunt Lorraine says:

    Your both amazing, King Henry James rules! Can’t wait to see what Mark does with the Grand house and what you do with a very happy baby. Lily pad. And King Henry, how much fun are we gonna have Christmas Eve.

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